digitaljobsPH: Providing Online Opportunities in the Countryside


digitaljobsPH (formerly called Rural Impact Sourcing RIS Program), also known as “Kapag May WiFi, May Hanapbuhay”, capacitates people in the countryside to do online freelancing as a means of livelihood using their own Internet platform or RIS Hubs. RIS Hubs have been established to provide working facilities for digitaljobsPH/RIS graduates who do not have yet their own computers and internet connectivity. This Program has allowed people in the countryside to gain employment working mostly from home and earning approximately the same income as Overseas Filipino Workers. These graduates do not have to migrate to the big cities or leave their families to work abroad. Part of the program is also capacitating Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to increase their market coverage through e-Commerce. For the past two years, this Program has produced more than 2,000 graduates who are now part of the 1.5 million Online Filipino Workers dubbed as OFW Version 2, and 700 MSMEs with websites and online presences.